Animals, not just weather, can bring down your power supply [Video]

Whenever the power goes out, it's usually the weather to blame. However, there are many other unexpected and disruptive causes for service interruptions. Businesses need to ensure they have the tools to protect supply – even against squirrels.

Indeed, squirrels can be a downright menace to electrical grids. The Washington Post reported there were over 600 power disruptions caused by the critter in 2016. Squirrels often find their way into substations and end up knocking out service with a step in the wrong direction. Other animals often behind disruptions include birds, raccoons and snakes.

Mother nature can strike at power supply in any number of ways, many of them unpredictable – like with animal-created outages. Businesses must ensure they have the tools and equipment (like surge protection) to avoid downtime and ensure productivity.

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